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Learn more about the creator behind the craft! 

Soph, aka Sophia Rivera (they/them), is a Peruvian, non-binary, metal-working badass. They first discovered their unique artistic vision through power tools, soldering, and wire wrapping in 2020. First launching this business as Piezas Únicas with their best friend Julie, the two raised over ten thousand dollars for community aid organizations in San Luis Obispo. Sophia's love for jewelry making lead them to branch out to what is now Golden Comet Jewelry. 

In receiving a bachelor's degree in animal science, they've managed to connect their love for science and the environment to their artistry. Sophia currently lives in Los Angeles and manages a fine jewelry store, while spending their free time finding news ways to master metal smithing and spreading their love for sustainable fashion. 
Sophia owes their creative drive and spunk to their family, Al, Jennifer, and Diego. They'd also like to extend a huge thank you to their biggest supporters, Harry, Kacey, Cristian, Abi, Lorenzo, and Dani. They of course, wouldn't be here without their amazing partner in crime, Julz.


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